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18. Tools and Resources

[NOTE: Much of the information in this section is fairly old and may be out-of-date, especially the URLs of various allegedly publicly-available packages. Caveat lector.]

18.1 I need some C development tools.

18.2 How can I track down these pesky malloc problems?

18.3 What's a free or cheap C compiler I can use?

18.4 I just typed in this program, and it's acting strangely. Can you see anything wrong with it?

18.5 How can I shut off the ``warning: possible pointer alignment problem'' message which lint gives me for each call to malloc?

18.6 Can I declare main as void, to shut off these annoying ``main returns no value'' messages?

18.7 Where can I get an ANSI-compatible lint?

18.8 Don't ANSI function prototypes render lint obsolete?

18.9 Are there any C tutorials or other resources on the net?

18.9b Where can I find some good code examples to study and learn from?

18.10 What's a good book for learning C? What about advanced books and references?

18.11 Where can I find answers to the exercises in K&R?

18.12 Does anyone know where the source code from books like Numerical Recipes in C, Plauger's The Standard C Library, or Kernighan and Pike's The UNIX Programming Environment is available on-line?

18.13 Where can I find the sources of the standard C libraries?

18.13b Is there an on-line C reference manual?

18.13c Where can I get a copy of the ANSI/ISO C Standard?

18.14 I need code to parse and evaluate expressions.

18.15 Where can I get a BNF or YACC grammar for C?

18.15b Does anyone have a C compiler test suite I can use?

18.15c Where are some collections of useful code fragments and examples?

18.15d I need code for performing multiple precision arithmetic.

18.16 Where and how can I get copies of all these freely distributable programs?

18.17 Where can I get extra copies of this list?


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